Staging Your Home:

Staging your home is to prepare it for sale. I will tour your home and look at it with a buyers perspective and let you know what you can do to maximize your selling potential.

Curb Appeal:

  • Inspect the outside ground. Remove any clutter that people will notice such as discarded household items, building materials or waste, etc.
  • Put trash cans away if possible.
  • Gutters be neatly hung and clear
  • Windows should be cleaned and viewable
  • Overgrown bushes and shrubs should be neatly pruned
  • Do a walk around to see if paint or power washing are needed
  • Flowers beds should be neat, free of weeds, and properly mulched
  • Lawn should be free of weeds, grass clippins, and nicely edged

Inside Your Home:

Whole House:
  • Windows cleaned
  • Blinds cleaned or replaced if needed
  • Vacuum and clean floors (shampoo or replace if needed)
  • Dust and remove cobwebs
  • Fix any holes in walls
  • Paint as needed
  • All doors should open & close properly
  • Fix any I'll get to later items now
  • Go through closets and cupboards to see if anything can be donated or removed, this will make them look larger
  • Some furniture, pictures, and items should be removed to make your home feel roomier and less personal
  • If you have pets be sure to clean and remove litter, bedding and toys

  • Counters should be clean and mostly cleared
  • Remove any artwork, lists, coupons, etc from the refrigerator
  • Floor should be thoroughly cleaned
  • Cracked tiles replaced


  • Clean and clear all surfaces
  • make sure shower curtain and towels are neatly hung
  • Scrub showers and toilets if needed


  • Make bed
  • Remove personal items
  • Pick up laundry
  • Organize closets